C.W. Holcomb
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Works by C.W. Holcomb
 C. W. HOLCOMB is the author of the Brotherhood of the Moon Series. His first book Dark Moon is now available as a Nook Book on BN.com. Also available in paperback on amazon.com, BN. COM and BAM.com
  Hunter's Moon now available on Amazon.com, bn.com. a n d  .
His newest release; the first of a whole new series entitled Chaos:Worlds Beyond is available exclusively through amazon.com

C.W. Holcomb's writing style and major influences include a wide variety of well known novelists that came before him including, J.R.R Tolkien, Mary Stewart, Raymond E. Feist, C.S. Lewis, Robert Jordan, Elizabeth Hayden and Frank Herbert. The biggest influences on his style were Terry Brooks and Terry Goodkind. He has drawn inspiration for his novels from other areas as well.